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Criminal Law

I have been arrested in the State of Tennessee. What can I do? Here is some general advice:

1. We first advise all of our clients to stop talking to law enforcement or anyone else about anything relative to your case. If you have been arrested, you will either be placed into custody and taken to jail or receive a citation.

2. If you are taken into custody or receive a citation, remain calm and be respectful to the law enforcement officer, even if you disagree with their decision to arrest you.

-This is not the time or place to argue about your case.

3. You will have to provide your statistical information during the booking process or issuance of the citation, which is typically your name, date of birth, address and social

security number.

-If you do not provide this information, you will not be allowed to be released from the booking process and will remain in jail.

-Providing your statistical information will not necessary incriminate you.

4. DO NOT discuss the facts of your case with anyone except your attorney. WHY? *Because your parents, siblings, spouse, best friend, cousin, co-worker, medical

provider, etc., do not have privileged communications with you!!

*Anything you say can be used against you, even if you tell your own mother.

*Even your medical doctor does not have such privileged communications with you for legal purposes.

*Do Not discuss the facts of your case via social media, phone, text message, emails or any other means.

*Jail phone calls are recorded.

*Your social media, texts, emails or other means can be subpoenaed to court.

5. Have a plan to post your bond.

-Immediately contact a local bonding company to arrange bail.

-Most bonding companies will charge you ten percent (10%) of the total bond amount (example: $10,000 bond/pay $1,000 to bonding agent). This 10% is typically non-


6. You will remain in jail until the bond amount is paid by someone (bonding company or someone else). Once your bond is posted, you will be released from jail unless there are other jurisdictions or other warrants outstanding against you.

7. Once released from jail, please remember to not discuss your case with anyone and obtain the services of a competent criminal attorney.

8. If you need additional information or this is an emergency, contact our office and we will be glad to assist you.